Outperform Your Competitors

Collaborate through portals, reduce costs, manage exceptions and improve quality with CarrierStore’s proprietary TMS, Kuebix.

Integration Made Easy

Simplify complex integrations. Connect to any Cloud, SaaS or on premise application with no hardware, no software and no code.

Complete Financial Visibility

Have complete control over your finances. Manage your carrier payments, commission payments and invoices, with unparalleled ease.

Exception Resolution

Stop problems at the source and prevent future reoccurrences.

Access Key Analytics

Measure, benchmark and forecast. Leverage our analytics to better manage your operating KPIs.

Focus on What Matters

Our exception management will help you focus on what’s truly impactful to your bottom line.

Kuebix = Transportation Management System (TMS) + Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Proprietary On Demand Logistics Applications and Analytics
Delivered on the #1 Cloud Platform

Promote supply chain collaboration with your vendors, customers and carriers

Kuebix Connect

Shippers and Brokers looking to:

  • Quote, book, tender and pay carriers

  • Optimize your routes, warehouse and yard

  • Manage your transportation while utilizing your own carrier rates

  • Dynamically manage sales commissions and exceptions

  • Provide portal access to your stakeholders in order to better share data

  • Improve the management of your shipment and invoice process

Kuebix Integrations

If you have a need to:

  • Integrate your supply chain data and functionality with an ERP system

  • Automate carrier communication in real-time

  • Simplify complex EDI, SOAP, or Rest integrations

  • Validate and cleanse your shipping data

  • Integrate purchase and sales orders with your shipping process

  • Receive Advance Shipment Notifications from your supply chain stakeholders

CarrierStore Services

If you need additional help to:

  • Implement and manage a Vendor Allowance Program

  • Manage your transportation operations

  • Audit your freight bills and pay carriers

  • Design, build and deploy custom applications

  • Negotiate rates matching carriers’ strengths to your needs

  • Augment your truckload business with CarrierStore Intermodal


Connect directly with your carriers and have complete transparency throughout the assignment process.

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Approve your freights bills online and pay your carriers directly with complete freight cost accuracy.

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Utilize our customizable reports and dashboards to proactively manage your business.

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Simplify integration with a seamless, cloud-based solution.

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Manage exceptions in your supply chain stemming from issues like rate discrepancies or claims.

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Simplify the appointment scheduling process and reduce miscommunication.

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Improve your warehouse efficiencies through better management of the trailers and product in your yard.

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Utilize our pre-payment audit and freight payment capabilities to ensure fiscal oversight throughout the shipping process.

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